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puzzles for adults 1000 pieces

When life began

  • The earliest people figured out tools, hunting and fire.
  • But they forgot something crucial to happiness: games. 
adult puzzle 1000 pieces by animatopica
adult puzzle 1000 piece for early man hunting


  • They could wrestle down a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • No one came up with a jigsaw puzzle or card game.


  • We at Animatopica did!
  • We craft cool games to save mankind.
  • Thrilling experiences to lift your spirit up.
The Animatopica Team

We admit that...

We may not be skilled at tracking antelopes, or stalking wildebeest. But we make quality puzzles with fascinating art and fun card games you will enjoy with family and friends. They make GREAT GIFTS TOO. Try our games today.

family card games for game nights and 1000 piece adult puzzles