What types of games does Animatopica make?

Animatopica makes card games, jigsaw puzzles and digital games.

Where can I buy Animatopica games?

Animatopica games are sold both on our website and on Amazon U.S. and U.K. 

  • To buy on our website, click on Shop. Link also at the top. 
  • To buy on Amazon U.S. or U.K., search for our name “Animatopica” or a term like “Animatopica puzzle”. 

Amazon U.K. carries only the puzzle game at this time.

Where do you ship?

Animatopica ships to addresses within the United States. 

See our shipping page to learn more about shipping.

Buyers in Canada, Mexico, the U.K. or other countries can buy at the Amazon website closest to them. 

Purchase from Amazon U.S.A. 

Purchase from Amazon U.K.



How challenging is Scary Creatures puzzle?

Pretty challenging, we’ll admit. But puzzlers who love a good challenge will love it. So far, we’ve got a bunch of 5 Stars on Amazon over its quality and diversity of pieces. But we don’t want to hide the fact that someone actually gave us a 2-Star because they found the puzzle too difficult to solve for them. We actually felt sad that they found the puzzle too challenging; after all, they paid their hard earned money for it and actually started out intending to solve it. Hopefully they’ll keep on trying to put it together and who knows? 

Please don’t let the challenge discourage you. All other puzzlers who put it together successfully loved it.

What age range do you recommend for Scary Creatures puzzle?

Scary Creatures is a 1000 piece adult puzzle and we recommend ages 12 and above. But that doesn’t mean younger kids with enhanced skills level can’t play it. You know how some kids are; they want to act all bad.

How many pieces are in the Scary Creatures puzzle?

Scary Creatures has 1000 pieces.

Is Scary Creatures suitable for very young children?

It depends on the child. And you the parent? While a puzzle with 1000 pieces could stump some kids, others may find it quite their pace. As far as the scariness of the images, any kid that can hold his or her own in a haunted house can handle the fearsome faces in the puzzle, so long as they don’t want to start a fight with the fearsome creatures.

Why did you make Scary Creatures, to scare people?

You bet. We wanted to scare you so bad that you pack your bags and skip town. Actually, we want you to go nowhere but stay in town and do our puzzle.

Why do the creatures look really mean?

The creatures on Scary Creatures puzzle didn’t wake up this morning to be the nice guys next door. There are all kinds expressions on their faces; the kind of characters you don’t want to take a bus ride with, much less invite home for dinner.

Anything that looks fearsome looks mean even when they are not.


Who can play Dogs of the Galaxies?

Dogs of the Galaxies can be played by both adults and kids. We deliberately made this one family-friendly so everyone can have a good time, without kicking the kids out. They did nothing wrong.

How many players can play?

We suggest a minimum of 3 people because 2 will probably butt heads over who won. As for the maximum number of players, you are welcome to import a truckload of friends and dicey cousins from L.A. to New York and fill up a banquet hall at the Waldorf Astoria. This game will support you all.

 Just make sure Uncle Joe chumping on a cigar doesn’t try to duck wagging the tail if he loses a game.

How quickly can I learn the game?

Our question for you is, how fast can you demolish a Big Mac? If you haven’t had a meal in 2 days and can wolf down a sandwich in 2 minutes, that’s how long it takes you to learn this game.

How big are the cards?

The Dogs of the Galaxies card game is printed on 3.5 by 5 inches cards, all in VERY high quality paper.

Each art work is unique and there are 100 cards with 95 unique space dogs illustrated marvellously, even if we dare say so ourselves. Regular card size card is 2.5 by 3.5 inches, which costs less to manufacture. We decided to print them bigger instead, which costs more. We truly want you to enjoy the larger, more visible art. Money isn’t everything.

Is Dogs of the Galaxies in any other languages?

Right now, no. But this is something we are looking at for the future.


Just where can these dogs be found?

We don’t guarantee you’ll run into one, but don a space suit and apply to NASA – maybe they’ll include you in Rover’s next mission to the galaxies, which could increase the chance of an encounter. Ask Elon Musk refuses to play ball.

Does NASA know about Dogs of the Galaxies?

We don’t know. We encourage you to ask them. No one knows what NASA knows.

What do these dogs eat?

Dogs of the Galaxies are likely way advanced for just regular canine nourishment. Think about all the wonderful artifacts of space, from meteorites to moonstones to nebulae. These are nutritious to space dogs.

Do they bite?

You don’t want to find out.

Can I train them?

Dogs from outer space can neither be leashed nor trained. That’s because the sphere of their operation surpasses that of humans. Why would you say “sit” to a dog that can already fly?

Do they make good pets?

That’s a tough question. Many of these dogs are super-advanced in their sensory perception ability, with some having the power of telekinesis and psychokinesis. We suspect they’ll humor kids because kids are innocent. But we don’t think they’d take kindly to insults from an adult who had one beer too many.

I have a harness that will beauty on these dogs. Can I put it on them?

We asked a dog from Andromeda and he said – thanks for your kind offer but – please send it along to the Humane Society. They could use them there to walk and exercise dogs.