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Have You Tried an Animatopica Puzzle or Card Game Yet?

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Supercharge your brain with unique puzzle games. Animatopica makes challenging puzzle games that are designed to be fun and mentally stimulating. The best puzzle games challenge you to solve puzzles while enjoying fun themes that tell a story.  

Our Scary Creatures puzzle is a 1000 pieces adult puzzle game with an original concept and vibrant colors. You will love our quality best puzzles for adults and seniors.

Challenging Puzzle Games

Animatopica is a game developer committed to creating cool card games and challenging puzzles that are fun to play. The best card games and puzzles for parties and family game nights.

Supercharge your brain with a challenging 1000 piece adult puzzle, like our Scary Creatures puzzle, which is fun and mentally stimulating. 

Challenging adult 1000 pieces adult puzzle games
Best Card games to play for family game nights
Dogs of the Galaxies card game is the best dog card game

Fun Card Games to Play

Looking for card games to play with family or friends? Check out Dogs of the Galaxies, our hilariously fun, family-friendly card game for kids and adults. 

A game for large groups that will keep any party laughing.

Card Games and Puzzles

Do you love playing card games or solving great puzzles? You are in the right place here!

We make family-friendly card games for kids, teens and adults. We would like you to try our fun card games for your next game night. We love making the best card games for family or friends to bond with. Card games are fun to play and can help develop social skills, which builds confidence.

We make the best puzzles too! Our puzzles are good for kids, adults and seniors. Do you know that puzzles make great gifts for seniors? They provide an opportunity for problem solving, which helps in mental alertness?


Why Our Puzzle?

Supercharge your brain with adult puzzles. Animatopica makes challenging puzzles for adults designed to be fun and mentally stimulating. The best puzzles challenge you to think, while giving you a sense of accomplishment after you put them together.  How to solve puzzles means different things to different people. A good adult jigsaw puzzle is well-made with quality cardboard, with a diversity of pieces that are not thin and can stay together as you do the puzzle.  

Try our Our Scary Creatures puzzle – a 1000 piece adult puzzle with great art in vibrant colors. You will love the quality.

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