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T Puzzle

How to solve the T Puzzle

If you like Tangram, you’ll love the T Puzzle.


What is the T Puzzle

The T puzzle is basically a tiling puzzles, in which you have only four pieces which you must arrange so as to form a capital T.

In the original version of the game you have four pieces, namely one isosceles right triangle, two right trapezoids and an irregular shaped pentagon. The game would be easy if it weren’t for the irregularly-shaped piece, which will give you quite a headache.

If you’re struggling with the puzzle, don’t worry. Studies have shown that very few people can solve it in less than five minutes, the average solving time being 30 minutes.


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History of the T Puzzle

As far as we know, the T Puzzle was invented at the beginning of the 20th century as a marketing gimmick. Many businesses took to offering pieces of the puzzle, with the company logo on it or various offers. You could collect the pieces, but some businesses gave away the whole pack. Sometimes the pieces were made of ordinary paper, but some invested a bit and made them out of cardboard. Anyway, kids and adults challenged each other to solve the T Puzzle, so it was a brilliant idea to expose people to your brand.

Later on, the T Puzzle kits contained booklets presenting more problems to solve with the same number of pieces.


T Puzzle Variants

A version of the T Puzzle is the so-called Latin Cross Puzzle, although it’s the other way around, as the cross is older, but then the T Puzzle is more popular. The Latin Cross puzzle dates from the early 19th century. Instead of four pieces, it has five pieces, three isosceles right triangles, one right trapezoids and an irregular shaped six-sized piece.

Other versions of the original Puzzle feature slightly different pieces and the resulting T has one arm longer than the other.


See our in-house puzzle created by Animatopica