Dogs of the Galaxies Card Game for People Not Embarrassed Making Funny Faces, Uttering Weird Words & Barking “Woof, Woof”


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  • Dogs of the Galaxies card games by Animatopica for adults, teens, kids, family and parties. Make weird faces. Caption your friends’ crazy faces. Utter weird words. Emit strange sounds. Or bark “woof”, “woof”. Funny family games your family will enjoy. Best family games. Dogs card games.
  • HOW 2 PLAY: Players take turns to draw cards & DESCRIBE WHAT THEY THINK THE DOGS JUST DID OR WHAT DOGS HAVE UP THEIR SLEEVES, and then make faces like dogs described. MAY RESULT IN CAPTIONS OF FRIENDS’ FACES. FUN! Others compete to outdo each other by coming up with best, weirdest names, memes, captions for the dogs & sometimes the sounds the dogs make. Best name or sound wins point(s) for round. 1st to get 10 points wins game. He/she with lowest points barks “WOOF” “WOOF” while wagging the tail
  • IF YOU CAN MOO LIKE A COW OR CACKLE LIKE A HEN, YOU ALREADY CAN PLAY. Need the best family games or card games for families? Need party games for family? Try this family game. Funny card games kids, teens and adults will have fun playing. Family card games for kids, teens & adults.
  • 100 CARDS => 95 UNIQUE INTERGALACTIC DOGS + 5 IMAGINARY DOG CARDS so you can create outer-space dogs all your own. Beautifully illustrated art on. 3.5” by 5” premium Cards + Box and Instructions. Funny family games. Weird games. Card games for family game night. Card games for kids 8-12, teens and adults.
  • 2 MINUTES TO LEARN, 20 MINUTES TO PLAY fun family games for 3 or more players (ages 7+). FOR LARGE GROUPS OR PARTIES. Fun family card games. Funny card games kids will love. Funny party games for teens, adults. Family friendly party games for large groups. Best dog card game. Card games to play with friends. An Animatopica game.

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